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WordDefinitionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
visa A visa is a document that allows you to travel into or through a country. Einreisebewilligung/ Visum If you are planning to work abroad, it is a good idea to contact the embassy of the country you are going to and inquire about their visa requirements such as whether you need a visa and whether you are eligible for one. to apply for/ to issue a visa (verbs) to issue a visa: to be eligible for a visa (= to fulfil the requirements for getting a visa); to be refused a visa/ to have one's visa application turned down (= to not get the visa you applied for)
vocation A job that you do because you have a strong feeling that you are especially suitable for it is called a vocation. Berufung Many students find that by trying out different kinds of work, they find their vocation in life, the career they want to follow. vocational (adjective) training / courses; vocational school (noun) Vocational training / courses teach you the skills you need for a particular job. They are more practical than purely academic courses. Sally went to vocational school twice a week while she was doing her apprenticeship.