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WordDefinitionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
gap year (UK) A gap year usually refers to a year in which pre-university students travel or work between finishing school and starting university. The term gap year is also increasingly used to refer to time spent by under- graduates away from their studies travelling or gaining work experience and by graduates taking a year out between graduating and starting their first fulltime job. Frewilliges Jahr Employers and university staff attach a great deal of importance to the enterprise, maturity and commitment that students demonstrate when they do a gap year at any time before, during or after their degrees. To take or to do a gap year is used as a synonym for "to take a year out" in British English. Gap students are students doing a gap year. A gap package refers to a gap year programme that is organised by a company or organisation.
graduate A graduate is a person who has completed a study programme. In Britain students studying towards higher degrees such as a Master’s or a PhD are called postgraduates. In the US these students are also called graduate students. Absolvent The company is looking for graduate trainees for the marketing department. to graduate (verb); graduation ceremony/graduation date/high school graduate (US)/graduate school (noun) Students are awarded their degrees during a graduation ceremony. A high school graduate (US) is someone who has completed high school. In the USA, people studying for a postgraduate degree attend graduate school. See also undergraduate and postgraduate.
graduate trainee programme or scheme A graduate trainee programme is a work programme set up by companies to train graduate recruits for managerial positions. Ausbildung für Absolventen He's applied for a place on a graduate trainee programme in a London- based publishing house. In the USA, "programme" is spelt "program". In the UK, the spelling "program" is used for “computer program”. See also traineeship.
grant A student grant is money provided by the government or an organisation to pay for education. Unlike a student loan, it does not have to be paid back to the lender. Ausbildungsförderung/ Zuschuss/ Darlehen See also student loan.
gross pay Your gross pay is the total amount of money you earn before deductions for tax and insurance contributions (for example, health, pension and unemployment contributions). Job advertisements in the US and UK normally state the gross pay annually rather than monthly. Bruttolohn Before going to an interview, find out the average gross pay for the type of job you have applied for. Then if you are asked what your salary expectations are, you can give a realistic answer. gross profit (noun); to gross (verb) A company's gross profit is the profit it makes before taxes and other deductions. To gross means to earn a gross profit. The company grossed £50 million last year. See also net pay.