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WordDefinitionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
job application A job application is a written request for a job. Job applications in English-speaking countries are usually made up of a CV (US: resume) and a cover letter. Applicants must also fill in a form when applying for a job at some companies. Bewerbungsschreiben There is not one correct way of writing a job application in English. Some firms or recruitment agencies ask you to contact them for an application form or to fill in an online form. In many cases though, you have to send in your own written application. to apply (verb); written job application/online job application form/job application procedure/process/job applicant (noun)
job description The job description in a job advertisement gives important information about the job, such as the type of work involved and the skills, training and qualifications needed to carry it out. (Pay and benefits are also frequently mentioned.) Stellenbeschreibung Read the job description carefully when applying for a job and tailor your application to what the company is looking for to analyse (verb) a job description
job objective The job objective comes after the heading in your CV. It is a clear statement of what role you want to play for your future employer and what you want out of the job. Arbeitsziel "A graduate trainee position in which I can contribute and develop my marketing skills" is an example of a job objective in a CV. Other terms for job objective are career objective, career goal or simply objective.
job shadowing Job shadowing means accompanying someone during their working day or week to find out more about their job and the company they work for. "Beobachtung von Arbeitsroutinen" Some students contact companies and ask if they can job shadow someone for a day to find out more about a job or the company. Job shadowing is also sometimes offered by internship or graduate trainee schemes, providing interns and trainees with an opportunity to observe and ask questions so that they can get an idea of what a job involves. to shadow someone (verb) To shadow someone means to follow and observe them closely. Another word for job shadowing is work shadowing.
job-specific Something that is jobspecific is related to a job. auf die Arbeit bezogen Do not send the same cover letter when applying for more than one job. Tailor it every time to make it jobspecific by highlighting how your skills and experience fit the requirements of the particular job you are applying for.