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WordDefintionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
panel of interviewers We talk about a panel of interviewers when there are three or more interviewers in a face-to-face interview Gruppe an Befragenden If you are interviewed by a panel of interviewers, address your answers directly to the interviewer who asks you a question, but make eye-contact with the other interviewers from time to time, too, to show that you are also aware of their presence. A panel of experts is a group of experts. Quiz shows often have panels of celebrities.
paperwork Paperwork is all the documents you need to complete a particular process, such as an application. It can also refer to the part of a job that consists of letter-writing and record-keeping. Büroarbeit/ "Papierkram" Allow yourself plenty of time when applying for a job abroad. It can take several months to get all the necessary paperwork together, especially if you are applying outside the European Union. I've got so many reports to write at the moment that I feel as if I'm drowning in paperwork.
(to) paraphrase To paraphrase something means to say or write it in different words. umschreiben If you need to check that you have understood a question during a job interview, you can paraphrase it, starting with "So in other words...?" or "So you mean...?"
(to) perform To perform means to carry out or do something. You perform a task or a job, for example. In the job application process, perform is usually used to talk about how well or how badly a candidate does in a job interview. auftreten/ vortragen Even if your CV and cover letter are impressive, it is important to prepare carefully for job interviews so that you perform well in a faceto- face situation. to perform a task, a job or a duty (verbs); to perform well or badly in a job, an interview or an exam (verbs)
perks The perks of a job are additional advantages or benefits that you receive, either as goods or money. Sozialleistungen The company car is one of the best perks of my job. Benefits and fringe benefits are synonyms for perks. Benefits and fringe benefits are synonyms for perks. Perk is short for perquisite.
personality questionaire A personality questionnaire is a type of psychometric test for assessing your personal skills. Personality questionnaires are often used in assessment centres. Persönlichkeitstest Personality questionnaires are one method of judging whether a candidate fits into the working environment of a particular company. to fill in a questionnaire/ to fill out a questionnaire/ to complete a questionnaire (verbs) In the UK we say you fill in a questionnaire whereas in the US you fill out a questionnaire. In both countries you can say complete a questionnaire.
personnel Personnel is the department in a company that usually deals with recruitment and pay. In many companies these days the personnel department is called Human Resources. Personalabteilung (aber auch: Belegschaft/ Mitarbeiter) Frances works in the personnel department of her company. Personnel is also a synonym for "staff", meaning the employees in a department or in a company. Be careful not to confuse personnel with personal. Personnel (stress on the last syllable) means staff or the HR department. Personal (stress on the first syllable) is an adjective that refers to things that belong to you or relate to you as an individual person, such as personal belongings or personal identification number (PIN).
placement A placement or work placement is the British term for what is called an internship in the US. Praktikum Work placements in Britain are often an integral part of a course of study and are frequently organised by universities. In recent years, the number of work placements offered by companies has increased enormously. They are becoming almost as common as internships in the US. to do a (work) placement; a placement student (noun)
postgraduate In the UK, a postgraduate student is someone studying towards a higher degree, such as a master’s or a PhD. In the US, a postgraduate student is often just called a graduate student. Doktorand She did her postgraduate degree at Oxford University In Britain, a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) is a one-year teacher training course for people with a bachelor’s degree that certifies them as school teachers. See also undergraduate and graduate.
proactive A proactive person is someone who does not simply sit around and wait until somebody tells them what to do, but acts on their own initiative. Initiative ergreifen Since today's job market is so competitive, it is essential to be proactive when looking for a job. This will also show potential employers that you have initiative and are motivated. to be proactive (verb); proactive (adjective); proactively (adverb) She took a proactive approach to job hunting. It is better to tackle potential problems proactively before they arise.
profession Though profession can refer to a lot of jobs that require specialised training, it often specifically refers to a career in fields such as medicine, teaching, law or accountancy, which requires special training and is generally highly respected by the public. Berufszweig Students who choose to train for the medical or legal professions generally study longer than other students and have to pass special examinations before they are allowed to practise in their chosen profession. professional/professionalism (noun); professional (adjective); professionally (adverb) A lot of professionals work downtown in law offices, hospitals and accounting firms.Pete is a professional footballer. I want Sue's professional opinion on this report. Our staff are expected to show a high level of professionalism at all times.
psychometric test Psychometric tests are used by some employers to evaluate how job candidates will do in the workplace. They are usually timed tests taken under exam conditions that assess intellectual and analytical abilities, personality, motivation, values and interests. They often take place at an assessment centre. Komptenzentest When Peter applied for a graduate traineeship at Shell, he was invited with fifteen other candidates to a twoday assessment centre. The candidates met some managers, took part in discussions, were interviewed and also took psychometric tests, which were in part personality tests and in part tests of analytical reasoning. to take or to do a psychometric test (verbs)