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WordDefinitionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
head office/ headquarters The head office or headquarters of a company is the central or main office that controls all of a company's activities. Hauptgeschäftssitz/ Zentrale Our headquarters are located in North London. (There is a group of people coming down from head office next week to tell us about the latest changes in company structure.) Headquarters is a plural form. However, headquarters is often used with a singular verb: Our headquarters has moved. The headquarters of the company are in London.
hidden job market The hidden job market refers to jobs (and it’s the majority of them) that are not advertised through the usual channels such as the Internet or the classified ads of a newspaper, but can only be found by word-of-mouth, networking, unsolicited job applications and cold calling. inoffzizieller Arbeitsmarkt The good thing about the hidden job market is that there is less competition than if you apply for an advertised position.
(to) hire To hire someone means to give them a job. einstellen It is company policy at Marks and Spencer, the leading British retailer, to hire several graduate trainees every year. Hire and fire refers to the ease with which employers can take on new staff and then let them go again, especially in the US. In the UK, you can hire a car / bike for a short time if you don’t have your own. In the US, the verb rent is used in this context.
human questions In a job interview, human questions are questions about your personality, your opinions and preferences, and, based on this information, whether you would fit the job and the workplace. Fragen, die auf die Persönlichkeit abzielen "How would your friends describe you?" is an example of a human question. human or human being (noun) A human or human being is another word for a person. Human can also be used as an adjective meaning “referring to or typical of people”, for example human resources, human rights, human nature. See also behaviour-based questions and factual interview questions.
human resoruces (HR) Human resources is the name of the department in a company that deals with recruitment and pay. It is often abbreviated as HR and is also known as the personnel department. Personalabteilung If you write an unsolicited job application to a company, it is usually best to send it to the human resources department, as they are in charge of recruitment. to work in HR (verb) To work in HR means to have a job in human resources.