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WordDefinitionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
recruiter A recruiter is someone who looks for people for a particular job. Companies often recruit employees directly but they also employ outside recruiters, known as recruitment or employment agencies, to find suitable employees. Personalvermittler University career fairs are a good place to meet recruiters from a variety of different companies and organisations. to recruit someone for a job (verb); recruit (noun); recruitment (noun) Simon is a new recruit to our firm. The human resources department is in charge of recruitment in our company. A recruitment fair is another word for a job fair
red tape Red tape is an informal term for excessive bureaucracy. It is often used in connection with official or government procedures that take longer and are more complicated than seems necessary. Bürokratie/ "Behördenkram" Be sure to apply for work permits and visas in good time if you want to work or study abroad. The processing of your application may take much longer than you think because of all the red tape involved. to cut through red tape (verb) To cut through red tape means to avoid excessive bureaucracy.
reference In job applications, a reference is a person willing to report on an applicant’s character and capabilities. It is also the letter of recommendation that that person writes. At the bottom of your CV, simply write “references available upon request”. Do not send in letters of recommendation unless specifically requested to do so. Tim made such a good impression during his six-month internship with BMW that his boss wrote him a glowing (= very good) reference. In the UK, the person writing a reference is also called a referee: Carola asked her professor to act as a referee for her when she applied for a job. After her interview, the company contacted her professor and asked him to send them a reference for Carola.
referral cover letter If you and the person you are writing to have a mutual acquaintance, you can mention that person’s name in your cover letter. This type of cover letter is sometimes called a referral cover letter. In referral cover letters it is best to mention the name of the person you want to refer to in the first paragraph of the letter: "Hans Merz, formally the international specialist of your accountancy firm, suggested I should write to you about the possibility of doing a work placement at your London office." to refer to or make reference to somebody (verb) If you refer to or make reference to somebody, you mention that person's name in connection with what you are writing or talking about.
(to) report to someone You report to your immediate supervisor. jemandem berichten All members of staff report directly to the department manager. to report back to someone (verb) When you start a job, you will usually be given the name of a person to report to. This is the person you should go to see first.
residency / residence permit A residency or residence permit is an official document that gives you permission to live in a particular country. Aufenthalts- genehmigung Citizens of countries in the European Union do not need a residency permit to live in another EU country. to reside (verb); Local residents (noun) (= people living in an area) To reside is a more formal way of saying "to live". Local residents have complained about the noise levels coming from the nearby disco.
resume Resume is the US term for curriculum vitae or CV. Lebenslauf I'd like to spend a few months working in a summer camp in America, so I've sent my resume to a couple of organisations. Resume is pronounced and also sometimes spelled "résumé".
resume bank A resume bank (called a CV bank in Britain) is an Internet database where you can post your resume for recruiters to review. (Many job search websites have resume banks.) Datenbank von Lebensläufen Jack started posting his resume on online resume banks when he was in his final year at university. A bank in this context is a database.
(to) retire When a person retires, they have reached the end of their working life. in den Ruhestand gehen Alison hopes to retire early. (To finance her early retirement, she has been investing in mutual funds and paying into a life insurance policy. She will also get something from the government pension plan – called “Social Security” in the US – and retirement benefits from the company she works for.) retirement age/early retirement (noun) At the moment, 65 is the usual retirement age in Britain. One way of reducing the staff in a company is to encourage people aged 55 or over to take early retirement. Someone who has retired is called a "pensioner" in Britain.
reverse chronological order See chronological CV. in umgekehrter zeitlicher Reihenfolge/ nicht chronologisch