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About Jobline LMU

SpraZ-LogoWhat is Jobline LMU?

What does Jobline LMU offer?

  • Step-by-step guides for writing professional and academic applications
  • Reference writing resources for employers and academic staff
  • Wide selection of sample CVs, cover letters and letters of reference
  • Unique service aimed specifically at German speaking students
  • Intercultural information about what English-speaking employers expect

History of Jobline LMU: What's new?

Jobline LMU first went online in 2002. Since then it has attracted more than 23,000 registered users and has been used worldwide by individual students, schools, universities and language schools.

The all-new and updated website went online in August 2018 and reflects the current expectations of employers and academic institutions and now includes new features:

  • Online application tips
  • New format interview (e.g Skype, psychometric tests) techniques
  • Letters of recommendation for academic staff
  • Letters of motivation for students applying at English-speaking universities
  • All written in clear and accessible language by a team of British and American native speakers with both academic and professional backgrounds


The LMU Munich also offers online job application advice and check (in German) to its past and present students.