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WordDefinitionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
degrees and certifications Degrees and certifications are earned at college, university and professional institutes. Abschlüsse und Zeugnisse There is no need to enclose copies of your degrees and certifications with your CV and cover letter. If a potential employer needs to see them, he or she will ask for them. to do or to have a university degree in history; to get or to have certification in business english
designated organisation A designated organization is an organisation authorised by the US State Department to act as an intermediary between you, the company you are applying to do an internship at and the US embassy. Based on the designated organization’s recommendation, the US embassy will issue you with a visa. Canada also has designated organizations in Germany. ausgewiesene/ designierte Organisationen When you have been accepted for an internship in the USA, contact a designated organization in your own country to apply for a work permit. to designate (verb) designation (noun) Martin has been designated the job of spokesperson for our organisation. His official designation (=title) is Senior Manager. See Jobline LMU's list of designated organizations in the Link List.
dress code A company’s dress code means the type of clothes the employees are expected to wear at work.) A formal dress code means that men are expected to wear a suit and tie, and women should wear a suit or smart trousers or a skirt and a smart top, possibly a jacket.) Kleiderordnung When starting work at a new company, even as an intern, it is important to find out what the dress code is in advance so that you can dress appropriately. A company with a strict dress code usually does not allow casual clothing.