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WordDefinitionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
task A task is a specific job that has to be done, especially on a regular basis. Aufgabe One of the tasks of the human resources department is to mediate between a member of staff and his/her superiors when, for example, a problem with working conditions arises. to do / complete / perform a task/ to set or to give someone the task of doing something (verbs) I've set myself the task of completing this paper by the end of the week
telephone interview See interview Bewerbungsgespräch per Telefon
trainee A trainee is somebody who is taught the skills for doing a particular job while working on the job. Many companies train new graduate employees in graduate trainee schemes that often lead to management positions within the company. Lehrling/ Azubi For Sarah, a final-year student of Business Administration at Birmingham University, the first step on the career ladder was to secure a trainee position at a major bank. Tom is a trainee salesman at a wellknown publishing house. to do a traineeship/ to train someone (verb) To train to become a graphic designer. See also graduate trainee.
transferable skills See skills. übertragbare Fähigkeiten