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WordDefinitionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
(to) negotiate to negotiate means to discuss something and try to come to an agreement that is acceptable to everyone involved. You may have to negotiate the terms of your employment contract before accepting or turning down a job. verhandeln/ aushandeln Before you go to a job interview, you should find out as much as you can about the terms of the job and the amount usually paid to interns or graduate recruits. negotiable/non-negotiable (adjective); negotiator (noun) Something that is negotiable or open to negotiation has not yet been finalised - it can still be discussed. A negotiator (noun) is someone who takes part in negotiations. To be good at negotiating.
net pay Your net pay is what remains of your salary after tax and other contributions have been deducted. Compare with gross pay. Nettolohn In Britain and the USA, employees generally pay lower taxes and insurance contributions than in Germany, so their net pay is normally a higher percentage of their gross pay than in Germany. Net income, disposable income and take-home pay are all other terms for net pay. Net can also be used as a verb: The company netted (verb) £30 million after tax.
networking In a business context we speak of networking as a systematic approach to meeting and talking to people who may be useful to you in your professional career. "netzwerken" Networking is important in the business world. It is a good way of finding out about openings on the hidden job market. to network (verb); to be a good networker (noun)
non-verbal communication In non-verbal communication you communicate information about yourself and your emotions to other people without actually speaking. (This could be through body language or the way you dress, for example.) non-verbale Kommunikation/ Körpersprache The way you dress, your body language and your voice can impress the interviewer as much as what you say about your qualifications and skills. to communicate nonverbally (verb) To communicate nonverbally is to communicate with somebody without speaking.
numerate Someone who is numerate is able to work with numbers. "fähig zu rechnen" This job requires candidates who are numerate and computer-literate. numeracy (noun) The government is committed to improving the numeracy of schoolchildren.