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This word list provides you with all kinds of words you might come across when writing an application. Just click on the different letters and they will lead you to the according words. Below are two examples from the word list.

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Word Definition Translation Word in context Vocabulary building Examples and remarks
job objective The job objective
comes after the heading in your CV. It
is a clear statement of
what role you want to play for your future employer and what you want out of the job.
Arbeitsziel "A graduate trainee
position in which I can
contribute and develop
my marketing skills" is
an example of a job
objective in a CV.
Other terms for job
objective are career
objective, career goal or simply objective.
personnel Personnel is the department in a company that usually deals with recruitment and pay. In many
companies these days the personnel
department is called Human Resources.
(aber auch:
Frances works in the
personnel department
of her company.
Personnel is also a synonym for "staff", meaning the employees in
a department or in a
company. Be careful not
to confuse personnel with personal. Personnel
(stress on the last syllable) means staff or the HR department.
Personal (stress on the
first syllable) is an adjective that refers to
things that belong to you
or relate to you as an
individual person, such as personal belongings or
personal identification
number (PIN).

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