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WordDefinitionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
(to) be / get shortlisted If someone is shortlisted for a job, they have been selected from a larger list of job candidates. in die engere Auswahl genommen werden Sally's performance at the assessment centre was so good that she was shortlisted for the job together with three other candidates and invited to a second interview the following week. to draw something up (verb) shortlisted is also written short-listed; to be on the shortlist If you draw up a shortlist, you make a list of the most interesting candidates, companies and so on.
behaviour-based question In a job interview, behaviour-based questions assess a candidate's ability to do the job based on his/her past experiences Fragen, die auf Erfahrungen beruhen In preparation for answering behaviourbased questions, think about situations in which you showed leadership or dealt with problems effectively. to behave (verb); behaviour (noun) Helena behaved very professionally in all work situations.
benefit(s) In the context of work, benefits or fringe benefits (usually used in the plural) are the extras that an employee receives in addition to his/her salary, such as private medical insurance, a pension plan or a company car. Arbeitgeberleistungen/ Zuwendungen We are looking for graduate trainees to join our New York team. Salary $25,000 p.a. (per annum) plus benefits. benefit(s) (noun) (also called a perks); to benefit (verb) from something I'm sure my English would benefit from a few months in an English-speaking country.
blue-collar worker A blue-collar worker is someone who does manual or unskilled work. Compare with white-collar worker. (gewerblicher) Arbeitnehmer Blue-collar workers are increasingly being replaced by machines and robots as manufacturing becomes more automated. The term blue-collar refers to the blue clothing that manual workers traditionally wore.
body language The way we behave, sit, walk, smile and look at people tells them a lot about us and the way we are feeling. This is known as body language. Körpersprache Your body language during an interview is just as important as what you say. Body language is an important aspect of nonverbal communication .
British Home Office The Home Office is the ministry in Britain with final responsibility for questions concerning visas and work permits. das britische Innenministerium The website of the British Home Office provides information about visa and work permit requirements for foreigners wishing to work in the UK.
buddies, mentors and supervisors Buddies, mentors and supervisors are the people who guide you throughout your internship. (normaler) Arbeitskollege/ Ratgeber/ Aufsichtsperson If you have any problems during your internship, either with the job or with personal problems you may have settling into the company, ask your buddy, mentor or supervisor for help. to be a buddy/ mentor to someone; to supervise (verb) someone or something Mentors and supervisors will usually be on a higher staff level, will assign you work and check on your progress, buddies are mostly colleagues who look after you on a day-today basis.
busywork Busywork is time spent doing tasks such as photocopying, sending out faxes, filing, making coffee and so on. "typische" Büroarbeit My internship didn't give me much practical work experience. I spent most of my time just doing busywork, so it was pretty boring. to do busywork (verb); busy (adjective) If you are busy, you have a lot of things to do.