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WordDefinitionTranslationWord in contextVocabulary buildingExamples and remarks
abroad abroad means in a different country from the one where you live. im Ausland Spending some time abroad not only enhances communication but also interpersonal and intercultural skills. to go/ be/ work/study abroad (verb + adverb)
accomplishment A skill that you possess or something that you do well. A task that you have completed successfully. Durchführung/ Vollendung When you are writing your CV, include any accomplishments you have (that are relevant to the job you are applying for.) to be accomplished (adjective) to accomplish something (verb) An accomplished person is somebody with many skills or talents. "Terry is an accomplished footballer"
achievement (An achievement is) something you have completed successfully or an aim you have reached after a lot of hard work. Erfolg/ Leistung Graduating with a first class Law degree was a tremendous achievement for Laura. to achieve (verb) achievable (adjective) achiever (noun) Our company has set us a lot of targets for the next 6 months, but I don't think all of them are achievable in such a short time. Clare is a high achiever.
active listening Showing the person you are talking to that you are paying attention. By using body language (nodding, smiling) and (by) giving short responses such as "yes", "right" and "sure". "aktives Zuhören" active listening is an important skill during job interviews and on the phone, as it shows that you are interested in the conversation. (It will make you sound alert, communicative and responsive, creating a positive impression on the person you are speaking to.) to listen actively (verb) to be an active listener (noun)
ad(vertisement) Ad is the abbreviation of advertisement. A job ad is a description of a job vacancy that can be found in a newspaper, on the internet or in other media sources. Anzeige/ Werbung/ Stellenanzeige If you register with a job search website, they will send relevant job ads to you directly via e-mail. advertising (noun) to advertise (verb) I'm looking for a job in advertising.
alumni Alumni is the collective name for all of the graduates of a university or college. Absolventen/ "die Ehemaligen" Birmingham University alumni receive an annual newsletter in which they can read about events and changes at the university, and catch up on what some of their former fellow students have been doing. (Alumnus is the singular form of alumni.) Alumni resources give you information about past students of a university or college.
ambitious If you are ambitious, you want to be successful in your job and make good progress up the career ladder. ehrgeizig/ strebsam/ ambitioniert For our graduate trainee programme you should be ambitious, a self-starter and able to work in a team. ambition (noun) When I was younger, it was my ambition to run my own company.
application form When you apply for a job, you may be asked to complete an application form designed by the company in question. (It will ask you for information similar to that on your CV.) Bewerbungsbogen Please fill in the enclosed application form and return it by March 27th. applicant (noun). A person who has applied for a particular job is an applicant
(to) apply When you find a job vacancy that interests you, you can apply for that job. bewerben/ anmelden/ beantragen Before going abroad to work or study, you may have to apply for a visa or work permit. applicable (adjective) applicant (noun) You apply for a job but apply to a company. Apply can also mean something that is relevant to something or someone: The law applies to everyone, not just a few people. The adjective applicable is also used in this context: \\"I will / will not* be able to attend the meeting\\". * delete as applicable
apprenticeship An apprenticeship is a period of time during which a person learns the skills of a trade from a skilled worker (e.g.: printer, plumber, electrician and so on). It is sometimes used interchangeably with traineeship. Lehre/ Ausbildung After doing an apprenticeship in printing, Tony got a full-time job with a major printing company. apprentice (noun) to do an apprenticeship or (more formal) to serve an apprenticeship (verbs) An apprentice is a person doing / serving an apprenticeship. My father was apprenticed to a carpenter when he was 15 years old.
aptitude test An aptitude test is a type of psychometric test used to find out how good a candidate would be in a particular area of work. Eignungstest Many employers now use aptitude tests as part of their candidate screening process to find out who are the most suitable candidates. aptitude (noun) My sister has an aptitude for languages.
assessment centre An assessment centre is a term for a one to three-day event in which different kinds of activities are used to assess the skills, personality, and experience of a group of job candidates. The aim is to find out which candidate best meets the requirements of a particular job. See also psychometric tests . Assessment-Center The candidates applying for the position of graduate trainee were invited to a one-day assessment centre. to assess (verb) assessment (noun) The interviewers assessed (= judged) each candidate's suitability for the job. A recruiter needs to be good at making character assessments of people to judge which candidates are suitable for a job.
attachment Documents sent electronically with emails are usually referred to as attachments. Anhang Alex had to send his job application by email. The company asked him to send his CV as an attachment in Word format. to attach something (verb) Note that when you send your job application by post, you send your CV as an enclosure whereas documents sent by email are called attachments. I am attaching the document to this email.