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How to react to Tricky Questions

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Sometimes questions take you by surprise. Just answer as positively and confidently as you can. Depending on the question, you may be able to preface it with, ‘You know, that’s something I haven’t thought about before, but I think that I’d ...’

Don’t try to cram everything you know into your answers in hopes that something will be right. Give a short, concise answer and then smile and look at them expectantly to show you are ready for the next question.

Sometimes interviewers ask tough questions to see how you react to stress. Again, the same strategy applies – give the best, short answer you can. If you remain positive and confident, that’s what they will remember, not your answer.

Interviewers occasionally keep silent to see if you will continue talking long enough to get yourself in trouble. Just wait. If it becomes uncomfortable, you can ask, ‘Would you like me to tell you more about ...?’ or ‘Is there something else I can tell you?’ Saying, ‘Did that answer your question?’ sounds like you are not confident in your answer. If they want to know more, they’ll ask.

Be honest but don’t volunteer damaging information.

Whatever happens, stay calm and cool. It will end eventually and you’ll have great stories to share with your friends.

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