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Common interview mistakes

Turn off your mobile devices and put them away before you enter the building. While you are waiting - focus on the interview. Employers are concerned about texting and reading personal messages on the job. Don’t give them reasons to worry about you.

The online job site surveyed 2,700 hiring managers on the performance of candidates during job interviews. They found that many job seekers fail to receive job offers because they make easily avoidable mistakes in the interview. Here are some they identified:

  • Arriving late or dressing too casually
  • Complaining or saying something negative about employers, colleagues, etc.
  • Being unprepared and too relaxed
  • Responding to their questions with the warmth, interest and enthusiasm of a zombie
  • Giving 15 minute answers to basic questions
  • Not connecting your skills to the position
  • Sharing too much of your personal life
  • Not asking questions or asking about what the company will do for you rather than focusing on what you can do for them

First impressions matter. Greet the interviewer by smiling, making eye contact and shaking their hand. Use Mr or Ms and their last name. Use their title if it is included on their business card. Don’t use their first name unless they ask you to. Stand until they invite you to sit down. Then take out your CV, notebook and pen, smile and wait for them to begin the interview.