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Ending and follow-up

Be sure to get the interviewer's business card before you leave, as well as the names of any other people you've met.

To avoid checking your messages every ten minutes, ask where the company is in the hiring process and what are the next steps. That should give you a general idea of when and how you will hear from them.

Ask if you can follow up if you haven’t heard from them by a certain date. (Companies sometimes get distracted in the middle of the hiring process by other business issues and that will keep you from worrying needlessly.)

Thank the interviewer for their time and the information they shared with you. Show your enthusiasm and tell them you are very interested in the position but be careful not to make them uncomfortable by asking any question about whether you’ll get the job or not or what they think your chances are.

Once the interview is over, leave. They have other candidates or work to do.

Before you head to the beer garden:

  • Find a quiet spot and write down any important points discussed in the interview.
  • Write down the questions you were asked.
  • Certain questions become popular and will probably be asked again in other interviews. If you are asked back for more interviews at the same company, the same kinds of questions are likely to appear. You want to be consistent.
  • Later, spend some time thinking about the answers you gave and how to improve your response to questions you didn’t expect.


Whether you want the job or not, send the interviewer a thank-you letter within 24 hours. This will help you stand out and be remembered. See Thank-you letters for when and how to write and send them.

Spend some time thinking about how being at the company made you feel. If there is anything about the company that makes you uncomfortable, try to identify what it is. A bad fit is costly to you and the company.

Maybe it’s not your dream job, but at this stage of your career, is it a good opportunity? Do you find the industry or field interesting? Do you like the company culture? Are there opportunities for growth? Will you learn a lot and work with smart people who want to share their knowledge? Are you enthusiastic about the prospect of working for the company and willing to dedicate 100% to helping achieve its goals? If so, here’s hoping it will be the beginning of a grand adventure!