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Human Question Types

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Human questions try to identify the type of person you are (i.e. your personality), whether you are suitable for the job and whether you will fit into the workplace. These questions deal with matters of personal preference, attitude and opinion. Their aim is to find out more about your approach to work and life and about your social and communication skills.

Human questions sometimes require an answer that is not immediately apparent in the question, so think carefully about why the interviewer is asking the question and, as usual, keep your answers job-relevant.

Sample Human Questions

Question How would your friends at university/other students describe you?
Hot to answer The interviewer wants to know whether your personality fits the requirements of the job and the company. For example, if your friends say that you are easy to get on with, this could suggest to the interviewer that you have good interpersonal skills.
Sample response I think the first thing they'd say about me is that I'm someone they can rely on – if a friend needs my help, I always try to be there for them. They might also say I'm well-organised. I've organised several student events and I'm pretty good at motivating other students to help out, too.


Question Do you prefer to work on your own or in a team?
How to answer Ideally you should be able to show that you can work both independently and in a team, but emphasise examples of teamwork if the company is looking for a team player rather than a self-starter.
Sample response Really, I enjoy both teamwork and working on my own. At university in Germany you have to study independently most of the time and, because degree programmes are less structured than in the UK, you need a lot of personal initiative to organise your studies. On the other hand, I've always enjoyed working on group projects. I found the teamwork during my internship at Mendes last year very stimulating.

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