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Factual Question Types

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This question type checks the information you have given about yourself in your job application and any other facts the interviewer may need to know. You may be asked about

  • your educational background
  • what you were doing during "time gaps" in your CV, such as between school and university or during summer holidays
  • your responsibilities in previous jobs
  • whether you are applying to other companies

Sample factual questions

Question Could you tell me what your responsibilities were during the work placement you mention in your CV?
How to answer Talk about the aspects of the placement/internship that are most relevant for the job you are applying for. Mention your achievements as well as your responsibilities.
Sample response Certainly. I worked as a marketing assistant supporting the head of department in coordinating marketing projects. I was responsible for the circulation of information amongst the various marketing teams – deadline overviews, writing and circulating the minutes of meetings, memos for the marketing department and other general information. I'm particularly proud of the new interdepartmental marketing information system that I set up during my placement.


Question How did you spend your summers while at university?
How to answer Talk about jobs or study you did and try to keep your answer job-relevant. If you spent a summer travelling, emphasise the transferable skills needed for travelling that most companies are looking for, for example, organisation skills, the ability to plan independently and intercultural skills.
Sample response Well, it has varied from summer to summer. Last summer I spent most of my time at university doing research for my Master's thesis. I spent another summer as an intern in the project planning department of a local construction company. Perhaps the most interesting summer was spent trekking in India with a group of friends. We organised the trip on our own and I think, because of that, we really got to know the country and the people.

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