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Studying/working in the United States and Canada

The United States and Canada, for example, have extended-stay programs (12-18 months) for young people 18 and older. The Amerika Haus in Munich has complete information (in German) for North American opportunities and requirements for:

  • Study programs
  • Internship/work and travel
  • Volunteering
  • Au pair
  • Homestay/farm stay
  • Teaching programs
  • Language Programs
  • Summer Sessions
  • Camp Counseling and summer camps

You’ll find the information at the Amerikahaus website.

Studying/working in the United Kingdom

The UK Border Agency provides information about the conditions for working and studying in the UK.

Studying/working in Australia

Australian Working Holiday Visas offer young people from 18-30 a chance to travel, work, do internships, volunteer or study for extended periods ‘down under’.

For complete information, including the visa process, see the visa section on (Or: German visa section on

Studying/working in New Zealand

Programs and requirements for New Zealand visas for German passport holders can be found at the New Zealand Immigration website.