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5 things you can do now to make applying later easier and more successful

1. Record your work experience

After every internship or project, take a few minutes to write down, not only what you did, but also what you accomplished. It is much easier to do when it is fresh in your mind.

2. Say "Thank You" and ask for a recommendation

At the end of an internship, send your supervisor a thank you letter noting the things you learned and what you particularly enjoyed about the work. Ask for a recommendation letter. In English speaking countries, recommendation letters are not given automatically, you have to ask.

3. Record your education experience

Do the same thing for classes you particularly enjoyed and that you did well in. Write down details of any projects or particular learning experiences. Did you work in a team? Work independently? What skills did you develop? Either ask for a general recommendation letter at the end of the class or ask if the instructor will be willing to write one when you are ready to apply.

4. Research your future employer

Are you interested in working for a particular company? Follow the news on their website and Twitter. Read about their industry. Read trade and professional journals. Background knowledge makes you look smart and motivated.

5. Build your network

  1. Maintain contact with instructors once you got the job. Drop by their office hours. Let them know what you are doing.
  2. Volunteer at industry conferences or attend local meetings of professional groups that interest you. Introduce yourself and ask questions.
  3. Find out about the programs at the British and American Chambers of Commerce and the various German–English, German–American, German-Australian, etc. business organizations. They can be good connections and valuable references.